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Collecting Performance Royalties From PROs

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Collecting Performance Royalties From PROs

Public performance royalties are generated from public performance of music, live, by broadcast, or in synchronization with visual images. Performance rights organizations (PROs) such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC collect on the public performance of music registered in their catalog by composers and publishing companies who have their music placed on radio, television, or film.

IPEC awards photographer £12,000.00

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London, England                                                                                  Royal Courts of Justice 

London, England

Photo courtesy of MSB

IPEC awards photographer £12,000.00 for unlicensed use of photo online -- 

In a recent ruling, DPP was successful again in seeking and obtaining damages for the online unlicensed use of its client’s photos overseas. The image, used on an online UK store selling Designer inspired fashion footwear, was removed upon notification. However, attempt at recovery of infringement damages via settlement out of court were ignored. In considering damages, the Court agree to reference the picture value based on the rate table published by the National Union of Journalists, totaling damages of £2550.00 for 3yrs of use.

IPEC Ruling Copyright Infringement

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London, England

In a recent decision in the Royal Courts of Justice, Denecke Priess & Partner was able to secure a successful judgment for claimants (international photo-agency) in a copyright infringement lawsuit against defendant (website owner). In July 2016, the IPEC ruled that use of the photo online without a valid license from the copyright holder, qualified as copyright infringement under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Getty Images sued for $1Bn

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White Plains, NY

Photographer sued Getty Images for $1Bn by for Copyright Infringement

When Getty gets caught in a mistake, it's like blood in the water. In seeking a settlement on the use of one of their catalogue photos, they contacted a Carol Highsmith with a $120 settlement demand for using one of 'their' images without permission. Highsmith, a professional American photographer, was actually the creator the image in question. Furthermore, the image, (along with other works), was previously licensed to the Library of Congress for public use, royalty-free. However, Highsmith still retained the copyright.

Despite having received confirmation that the case against her had been dropped December 2015, the companies: Getty Images, and its affiliate Alamy, were still also making available more than 18,000 of Highsmith’s other photographs on their websites.

Denecke Priess & Partner hires US Attorney

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Your Law Firm for IT-Law, Copyright Law, International Trade Law, Foreign Investment, Employment Law

Denecke Priess & Partner hires US Copyright and Media Law Attorney

With international business the new standard, US market is an important factor for EU companies when considering legal protection on a global scale. DPP adds to their international expertise and services by bringing aboard a US attorney, Mark B. Saku, Esq., specializing in media law, business and intellectual property.

Given the complex legal issues in the US, with common law rights and multi-state jurisdictions, businesses overseas need an attorney with experienced managing the ever-changing factors affecting the US legal system.

DPP is a Berlin-based intellectual property and business law firm, for IT-Law, Copyright Law, International Trade Law, Foreign Investment, Employment Law.

Mark specializes in media law, copyright and trademark law, business formation and entertainment industry agreements.

Contact questions overseas on help protecting intellectual property and business interests in the US, contact DPP today.