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Copyright Protection / Enforcement

Under the US Copyright Act, rights-holders can receive statutory damages up to $150,000.00 per infringed work, as well as compensation for court costs and attorney’s fees.

Essential to this claim is acquiring US Copyright Registration. Copyright Law in the US allows rights holders to assert lucrative claims against copyright infringers.

Registered works enjoy exceptionally stronger copyright protection and achieve demonstrably higher damage awards.

The firm Mark Saku Law PLLC advises on timely and optimal copyright registration, the detection of violations and the international enforcement of claims for damages.



Here is a list of works available for protection:

Images  photos, graphic design, artwork, videos, film
Music sound recordings, compositions, compilations, remixes
Film / Videos

motion pictures, short film, music videos

Literary Works

novels, short stories, scripts, poetry, lyrics

and Others... structures, architecture designs, computer software, fashion designs, etc.